Before you start optimizing your website like crazy with the hopes of getting precious first page rankings for any of the keywords you are targeting, do a full search engine optimization review first on your website. This should always be your first step for any business wanting to get organic rankings on Google. This process includes a deep review of your website regarding SEO to see if there are any technical problems that will keep you from getting good rankings on the search engines. This should also include keyword research to find out if the keywords you are targeting are still relevant. This sounds easy Рand for some it is, but it will form the basis on what you should do with your SEO strategy to get the rankings you want for your business website.

Search engine optimization website audit

Technical errors: These include all the errors that will prevent your website from getting any organic ranks. This could be that you are using frames (I know, but there are still websites out there using frames) or a 100% Flash website. It could also include other errors such as using hidden text, keyword stuffing, and other related black hat SEO methods.

Write a review: Look at your website from the outside looking in. Will you trust your business just by looking at your website? Write a review of your website by analyzing all the elements that can affect your SEO rankings such as the title tags, headings, and the size of your website with all the pages that needs to be optimized. Also review all your internal and external links and how you are using the anchor text in those links.

Keyword research: What keywords are your target audience using on the search engines to find answers to their queries? Are you using those keywords and phrased in the content of your website? If not, create a list of keywords that you can use and optimize the content of your website for those specific keywords and phrases. Doing a complete SEO review of your website is a crucial step you have to do before starting with the optimization process to establish what level you should optimize your website. If you need help with optimizing and review your website, contact us and we’ll assist you with this process.