Johnny Da Silva is the Internet Marketing and Website Design Consultant in Bloemfontein. His goal is to help businesses and individuals online with SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Web Designs, Online Reputation Management, Hosting Video Conferencing and whatever solution is needed to make them achieve a profitable and more effective goal conversion.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, Johnny Da Silva’s approach is about helping you piece your Internet Marketing Campaign together. Perhaps you already have a strategy in place, but your winger keeps dropping the ball or your fly half never scores that game changing kick. This is where a Digital Expert like Johnny Da Silva can help your business play the Social Media game and get out on top.

Just like the many other business advisers you’ve come to depend on (such as your lawyer, financial adviser, accountant etc.) an Internet Consultant ensures your business realizes the full profit potential, offered by internet technologies. That’s an important distinction between Internet Consultants and traditional Web Designers, as they focus on delivering true business solutions, rather than simply creating websites.

Johnny Da Silva is not only an Online Reputation Management practitioner, but also an entrepreneur in DoRegos Fast Foods Franchises, giving him the understanding of how SME’s operate and what challenges are faced every day. His success was built on humble but meticulous foundations.

His office is on the second story of the DoRego’s Fast Food outlet in 16 Henry Street, Bloemfontein, where he got his first job as a cashier 22 years ago. He now owns 7 outlets in the city. In addition to this, he has won the prestigious FASA (Franchising Association of South Africa) award in 2009.

What is it about Johnny Da Silva that makes him such an Online Media fast bowler? Having the knowledge as an entrepreneur and retailer combined with his digital marketing experience, he can help clients achieve marketing goals cost effectively and efficiently online.

His passion is to provide the highest service to his clients possible. Why sit on the side lines when his digital expertise can help your business score major points!