This is the second post in a series on a couple of website traffic strategies you can start with in 2013. There’s absolutely no doubt that the new year will be full of exciting new trends and technologies popping up. Google will most likely also release a couple of major updates to their algorithm changing the game of SEO again. It happens every year. One thing that should always stay the same through all the changes is having a well planned internet marketing strategy. This strategy should never be set in stone and should be created that it can be adjusted if anything happens. Find below a couple more traffic strategies you can use in your internet marketing strategy during the new year.

Website traffic strategies

Social bookmarking:

StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, and Delicious are social bookmarking channels and very authoritive. Using these channels can dramatically improve your organic search engine results. Encourage bookmarking on your articles and blog posts by making it easy for your visitors to bookmark your content.

Pay per click:

Pay per click ads are displayed at the top, bottom, and even the sidebar of search engine queries. PPC is highly effective when optimized correctly as you only pay if anyone clicks through to your website. This is also one of the easiest ways to lose money fast. Social media: Social media marketing is still a buzz word to many. SMM consists of blog marketing, rich media marketing, and social networking to name but a few methods. Create a couple of social media profiles on the channels your target audience is using and start engaging with them in real time.

Article marketing:

Publish educational articles on your website and other authoritive article directories. Interested website owners can re publish the content on their own sites if they reference you as the author and a link to your website or blog is in the content.

Other marketing methods:

Other traditional marketing methods are still very effective in driving traffic back to your website. Use your website URL in your email signature, business cards, flyers, brochures, direct mail, etc. You will get more targeted traffic if you use all of your marketing strategies together to reach your business objectives.