Today more than ever before social media is a very important part of your marketing and even of your Google rankings. Social media is where about two thirds of the people who are online gather at one time or another. In addition, the social media sites are the place where clients and potential clients gather in order to find out information about products that they are interested in and companies that they are vetting.

When a potential client views a website and considers a product, chances are very good that they will search the major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find out more about the company in which they are interested. Most companies today are listed in Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook. If you are not, the odds are good that your competition will be the one to obtain their business.

The main social media sites which are in use today and of which you should avail yourself and your business include:

Facebook: growing stronger every day, personal pages and product information can be placed on Facebook to allow potential clients to be exposed to your company and brand. The business pages offer a very solid way to showcase your business and to “fish where the fish are” as the saying goes.

Twitter: the single line, 144 character tweets allow you to inform and educate about your brand and new products out.

Wooxie: a great deal like Twitter, but allowing you to do microblogging, macroblogging as well as article marketing, Wooxie is the future of social media. With more space in the microblogging and more article marketing links, Wooxie can get you noticed quite rapidly and the price is definitely right.

Pinterest, offering images and text, your pins or bulletin board announcements of your business can garner a great deal of interest.

Social media signals are part of what Google takes into account when they rank your website. Social media signals are also what people are seeing when looking for your company or brand. Failing to use social media today means that you’re going to be lost in the shuffle and behind in the marketing game.