A great business website attracts targeted visitors that are interested in buying what you have to offer. It’s important that you offer these qualified visitors with deals and information on exactly what they want and then convince them with your message to take an action. How does this all happen?

It’s really not so difficult as it might sound, but it’s important that you understand everything regarding your best customers (target audience). To understand your audience takes a very thorough understanding of who your best clients are. What problems are they experiencing? What are they looking for online? On your website, present them with the information and solution to what they are looking for and provide them with a call to action on what you want their next action to be. Find below a couple of tips that can help you establish this.

Your website visitors

Target audience: Do you know and understand your target audience? What questions do they have? What message will trigger them to take an action?  Where are they spending their time online?

Keyword research: Most people are still using the search engines to look for information. When they search, how are you going to make sure that your site is listed in the top organic results or paid results? Either way, you will have to do some keyword research to find out what keywords they are using they they search. Use these keywords in the content of your website and your message.

Website design: When new visitors arrive at your website, make sure to greet them with a welcome message and solution to solve their problem. Demonstrate to your website visitors that you have the best solution by showcasing your benefits. You can also guide them through a clear path with a call to action on what action they should do next.

Trust: Internet marketing is all about trust. Make sure your website looks professional. Reassure your website visitors with a privacy policy, and include your address so that they can see you mean business.

Call to action: Provide a clear path (sales funnel) on what you want your website visitors to do. Make it easy for them to sign up to anything that you offer. Make your call to action irresistible and compelling so that they won’t leave. Understanding your target audience will help you increase the leads and sales generated from your website. The best websites provides trust and solves their visitors problems.