As an internet marketer you most likely want your website visitors to engage with your website in a certain way. Most online business websites are designed and developed to convince your targeted audience to take a certain action. Website visitors will never take an action if they don’t trust your business and your website.

Did you know that building trust with your website is an emotional response. Is your website designed in an organized and professional way? Is it credible? Building trust with your website is built at a subliminal level and it can affect if you want to have your website visitors to take an action. Find below a couple of tips to help you connect emotionally with your target audience with your website.

Website design

Visually appealing: The most important part when a visitor arrives to your website is the first impression they get. Does your website design look professional and trustworthy? It’s a fact that people judges a book/website by its cover.

Who’s your buyers? To connect with your best buyers, you need to understand them and know what they like. Why are they looking for any of the products and services that you have? What problems are they currently experiencing? What interest them?

Communication: It’s very important that the content on your website needs to be interesting, aligned, and useful for your target audience. If you understand your target audience you will know what information they are looking for.

What is your message? Is the message on your website clear and concise? Is your website easy to navigate to different parts? Are you using big chunks of text or have you formatted the content for easy scanning?

What is your tone? How are you communicating your message to your target audience? Are you impressing them with your knowledge? Is your tone friendly, lighthearted or full of anger? Connect with your audience at an emotional level.