There are thousands of articles about SEO copy writing and how you should write your articles for the best effect in your SEO strategy. I’ve been into article marketing for close to 8 years and this has given me a very unique perspective on common problems that all the various article directories are facing from authors submitting new articles to them on a daily basis.

All the Google algorithm updates over the last couple of months penalized websites with low quality and duplicate content. Article directories were most likely hit the hardest with these updates. To maintain their rankings and traffic, these directories had to put in strict guidelines on what content they accepted.

How can you make sure if you are busy with an article marketing campaign so that your articles are not rejected by these directories and they make the best impact possible?

Quality article marketing

  1. Original: Every article that you submit to an article directory should be original. Most article directories are checking for any duplications.
  2. Use proper grammar: Most low quality articles that you submit that have poor grammar and spelling errors will be rejected. This is a clear indication of spun articles.
  3. Minimum length: Make sure that your articles minimum length when submitted to article directories are at least 450 words. Shorter than this is like a blog post and short articles are almost always rejected.
  4. Don’t overuse links: Never use more than one link in the article to make sure it doesn’t look spammy. This will help the link flow of the article to not interfere with the link flow of the directory.
  5. Format: Make sure all the articles that you submit are formatted for easy reading using headings and numbered or bulleted lists.
  6. Educational articles: Never submit any articles that are over promotional. Focus on educational articles.

If you adhere to the tips explained above, you can expect to see an increase in indexed pages, low bounce rates, and visitor engagement. With any article marketing strategy, your articles should always be written in accordance to the article directory where you will submit them guidelines and rules.

A link from a top authoritive article directory is worth much more over a period of time than links from low quality ones.