Did you know that search engine optimization consists of on page and and off page SEO elements that affects your organic rankings on the search engines? On page SEO is all the elements concerning your physical website and off page SEO involves everything “off” of your website such as links, domain age, etc. If you are serious about getting top organic rankings on Google, you need both on page SEO and off page SEO to get the best rankings possible. Other than just building a couple of valuable links to your website, what other elements does off page SEO consist of? Find below a couple of tips that explains other off page SEO elements.

Off page SEO

Domain age: The older the domain, the better. The reason is simple; the longer and established websites shows stability. New pages are indexed very fast. New domains usually goes through a phase where it’s very difficult to rank for certain keywords and phrases. This phase can be anywhere between 1 to 24 months depending on the competition. Domain authority: Your domain authority and trust is a intricate measure of analyzing who is linking to you. A highly authoritive domain such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia has many links from other valuable domains. It’s your domain’s link power and it’s very important that when you are busy with a link building campaign to only focus on quality links. Social media: Even though this post is not about social media, Google+ plays an important role if you want to increase your organic rankings. This social media channel provides Google with “social signals” and can affect your rankings. Domain renewal: When you register your domain, don’t register it just a for a year. If you can register it for longer than 1 year, do so. Google tends to trust “new” domains easier if you register it for long periods. This is an indication that you are not a fly by night business and you are serious. Many times off page SEO elements are neglected because not everyone understands how it works. Never only focus on on page SEO if you want to get the best possible rankings for your website. If you are serious about SEO, make sure you understand on page SEO and off page SEO to get the best results possible for your website.