In today’s online marketing world of Google and search engine optimization, it is vital that you establish yourself as a leader in your niche. If you are publishing blog posts on your blog, it’s important that you setup Google Authorship so that you can start taking advantage of this new way of presenting yourself on Google. This is a really great way to establish yourself as a leader in your topic.

If you are interested in setting up Google Authorship you first have to setup your Google+ profile. Use a professional photo of yourself that you would like to display next to your content on the search engine result pages. You will then have to associate all the content that you publish online with your Google+ profile so that it is linked to you.

Find below the steps to create your Google Authorship profile.

On Google+

  • Upload a professional photo of yourself to your profile.
  • Under your profile, click on the tab “About” and under your profile settings, add links to all of the popular social media channels you are using such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook.
  • Under the “Contributor” section, add all the website links where you publish content on.
  • Check the +1 tab and select to show this on your profile.
  • To be recognised as an author, make sure you complete as much information on your Google+ profile as possible.

On the sites that you write articles on

  • At the bottom of each article and blog post that you publish, include a mini author section with a link back to your Google+ profile.
  • On your main “Author Bio” page, also include a link back to your Google+ profile page.

Setting up Google Authorship is not an option anymore if you are serious in building your profile and digital footprint online. Setting up your profile on Google+ and all the channels that you publish content on is the easy part. Once you have setup all of this, start creating content that your target audience will find interesting and share along with their own social circles.