It’s 2013 and quite a lot has changed in building recognition of your brand and business in today’s hectic digital business environment. One thing that can make a huge difference and help you stand out from the crowd is by encouraging your clients to add real reviews and testimonials on a continuous basis on their website. This adds a level of social validation that they provide very good products or services.

The willingness to post testimonials and customer reviews on your online profiles is a clear signal to interested buyers that this company is focused around their customers and will work hard to create a great buying experience. One of the biggest problems business owners are facing is that they don’t have all the time, resources, and systems in place to add reviews and testimonials on their website.

How can you get customer testimonials? It’s easier than you think. Find a couple of tips below that can help you with this.

Customer views

Ask for reviews: Encourage testimonials and reviews on your website or send your clients an email asking them to provide you with one. If you are going to call them, make sure to do this in a timely manner. Don’t wait forever to ask for a review.

Make it easy: Make it easy on your website to leave comments and reviews. The more answers or steps you require to leave one, the fewer reviews you will receive. If you really want to keep it simple, implement a star rating system where a user can simply select a rating with a basic comment.

Be transparent: Your best customers will leave reviews and testimonials for free. Don’t offer anything in return to leave a comment and keep it real.

Reviews and testimonials is a great way to earn the trust of your website visitors. There are also many third party services available that you can use to review your business.