It’s nearing 2013 and mobile is getting massive. Your mobile device is not only a calling device, but also an office on the move. With this said, is your website mobile compatible? When browsing the internet on a mobile device, nothing is more ugly than waiting for website to load or a website that doesn’t display correctly because it wasn’t optimized for the mobile web. A mobile website needs to be simple and easy to navigate.

A mobile website should be developed and designed to be simple and small compared to main websites. The mobile web isn’t much different from the normal web except that it’s viewed from a smaller screen. Not all tablets and smartphones have the same screen sizes and so on a mobile website you should only present the most important information that will be needed to grab the visitor’s attention. Having a good mobile websites involves keeping the content easy to read and clean so that it can be viewed on a small screen.

Mobile navigation

With a mobile site, scrolling a page with many links and sections should be split up in easy to read sections with sub headings. Don’t overuse links as smartphones without touch screen functionality will scroll through each link when scrolling down. Keep the navigation and simple and don’t use more than a couple of important links on a page.

Website page content should also be reduced so that it contains only the most important information to get your message across. Some websites such as news channels, offers many links and quite a lot of content, but their audience is usually looking for something specific. Keep your website to the point and be specific.

If you require additional information on mobile website development or if you would like to optimize your existing website, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you with your mobile website needs.