When was the last time you overhauled the design of your website or blog? What are the current design trends in your market? Are you catering for those trends? Is it time to redesign the layout of your blog and website? Did you know that when a new visitor arrives to your website that they make a decision within an instant whether they like your website or not? This is all based on the design of your website.

In my opinion, a website design has a shelf life of two years. How are you going to know if it’s the the right time to take your website for a  complete makeover? Find below a couple of tips that can help you with this process to analyze if your website requires a new design.

Website redesigning tips

Website styles: The web evolves over time and so do website styles. If you are using an old style, it will date your website as not keeping up to the standard of these styles.

Competition design: Look at the websites that your competitors have and compare your own website with theirs. Which website design looks the best? This is a very good indication if you should redesign your website.

What are your goals?? Has your business objectives changed when you first launched your website? Are you targeting the same audience? Update your website if your business objectives has changed.

Conversions: If your website is not generating any conversions for your business, then you must redesign your website to allow this. Research new ways on placing your call to actions on key areas of your website. The best websites help businesses reach their business goals.

Generating traffic: Are you generating any traffic to your website and does it rank on Google? If your website is built with flash, it cannot be indexed. Have you optimized your website for specific keyword phrases? SEO plays a huge role with the design of your website so that you can rank well organically on the search engines.