Did you know that your website is a business tool that can help you reach your goals? To do this it needs to tell a story that your target audience can relate to and it should guide them on exactly what they should on your website. It should grab their attention and instil trust in them.

Visitors will arrive on your website because they are looking for answers to their questions or a solution that can help them with a problem. If your website tells them a story in their language that they can understand, it can engage with your visitors and help them make the final decision. How do you do this? By using a story in your messaging. Find below a couple of tips on how to do this to make sure your website design plan works.

Website story tips

Who is your target audience: You might have multiple people you are targeting, but you need a message for each of these audiences. Create specific pages that target these people directly.

Strategy: To start this, create a strategy similar to the conversation you will have with them to sell one on one. How are you going to grab their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer? The easiest way to do this is outlining the whole story on a whiteboard that will represent the selling sequence.

Differentiation: What makes you different than your competitors? Use this in your story and tell them why you are different.

Check your content: Does your content help your visitors make the decision on doing business with you. If not it’s time to rework your content so that it’s optimized specifically for them.

Headlines: Visitors arrive on your website scanning for answers to their queries. Use storytelling through your content and use specific keywords and questions that you answer as headlines that stand out.

When you are busy with optimizing the content on your website for storytelling, keep your content focused and to the point. It should be written to educate and advise your visitors so that they can make the best choice.