When visitors arrive on your website, what is the first impression that they get? Does your website design look credible and trustworthy? Website visitors quickly scan and evaluate a website by the visual appearance of it. Does your website design look trustworthy and professional?

Your website design should be a direct reflection of your business. What is the image of your business? It’s important to showcase this on your website because your site is your image to the digital world. A good website design ties in design elements that touches people emotionally. If your business focus highly on providing the best service to customers, instead of just showcasing boring pictures of your services and products, show images of real people using your services and demonstrate how it’s changing lives.

Here’s a couple of tips to improve your website design to be trusted by your visitors.

Website design optimization tips

Design layout: This includes all of the images, styles, and layout of your website. The design of your website should always be consistent with your business goals. When a visitor arrives on your website, what is the first thing they will see? Use headlines and visual elements to capture their attention.

Website credibility: Your website should always look professional and reflect your business. This goes further than just the physical design of your website. It’s your message and who you are. Show your visitors that you can help them with their problems. Make your services and products clear so that your visitors can immediately see how you can help them.

Trust: Is your website trustworthy? Include logos of all the credible affiliations you belong to as well as certifications, and your address so that can easily be seen. Also use a blog on your website to build authority in your niche. Online marketing is all about trust.

Your website is a direct reflection of your business. Treat it as such.