Does your website have a personality? What tone and message do you use on your site? Does your website visitors connect with you on an emotional level with your website or does it convince them with hardcore industry facts? Every website has a personality. This is the essence of what makes it unique. It could be fun and interactive website or it can formal and corporate.

Having a personality associated with your website will help you convince, connect on an emotional level, and convert your targeted visitors. It’s important that you understand this so that you can shape the experience of your website visitors, be likeable, and build trust with your site. If your website has a personality, it will create a connection with your visitors to connect with you. Find below a couple of tips that you can use to start building some personality on your website.

Website personality tips

Does your website look credible? This includes everything regarding your website and can it be trusted by first time visitors. Is your design, content tone, and message integrated together?

Website design: Does your website design convince your visitors that you are professional.  People judge a website in a couple of seconds. This is all based on the layout, color, and images that you use. Even the font that you use forms part of the personality. If your website is cluttered and looks like a circus, you will chase your visitors away.

Clear and concise: Is your message and website content clear? Can your visitors navigate your website with ease? Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find out what your website is about and their navigation route.

Message: What is the message on your website? Is it playful and lighthearted? How you convey your message on your website can evoke an emotion with your visitors.

Repeat visitors: Does your website inspire your visitors to visit your website often? Does your website solve their problems?

When you are planning to update or launch a new website, make sure that you decide on the personality of your website so that you can connect with your website visitors on an emotional level.