Your website structure is a schematic structure view of your website and consists of all the pages and elements of your site. A website structure plan should be created when you are planning a redesign of your current website or a new website so that you can organize the structure of your website. It’s very important to create one before you start with website design.

There are many tools available that you can use to build a wireframe of your website structure, but most of the time it will be as simple as creating an excel worksheet outlining all the pages, menu structure, styles, interactive elements, and call to actions that you are going to include on your website. Creating a website structure plan will give you an overview of how your website will work before you actually start with the design of your site.

Creating a website structure plan will most likely provide you with new questions and requirements to include on your website that you haven’t thought of before. It basically forces you to view how your site will work in a live environment. Find a couple of tips below on how you can start creating a website structure plan.

Website structure plan

Layout: Decide on the layout you are going to use on your website and base your website structure plan according to this. How many columns are you going to use? Are you going to have a top menu or a sidebar menu for navigation? Add this to your plan.

Call to actions: On which pages and where are you going to use call to actions that makes part of your sales funnel? Place your CTA’s where they can be seen.

Page elements: Place specific page elements in your document such as the sidebar, navigation, header, footer, and styling elements. This will give you a clear indication of which elements are going where.

Navigation elements: Label all the navigation elements you are going to use such as headings, sub headings, and links.

A website structure plan will give your website design a very good indication of what to include in the design of your website and to make sure all the correct elements are in place for the right pages.