Would you buy fast food from a fast food restaurant that was dirty and known to be unhygienic? Would you buy a book from a bookstore that had torn pages in the book? I wouldn’t and I’m 100% sure you won’t either. It’s common sense.

With this, what does your site tell your website visitors about your business and what you do? Does it showcase that you are credible and a respected leader in the field? Your website is a direct mirror image of your business and it should be treated with great care. Did you know that the design of your website can either make a sale or make your visitors turn to your competitors? How can you design your website so that it increases the conversions you get online? Find a couple of tips below.

Website design tips

Professional design: Make sure your website is designed to mirror your business and so that it doesn’t look like a circus. Your website needs to have a clean design, be to the point, and encourage your visitors to take an action.

Targeted traffic: Having targeted traffic to your website can increase your conversions. How are you going to generate traffic? Would it come from search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing or an email campaign? Create a website traffic strategy before you redesign your website so that it can work together with your design.

Call to actions: Use call to actions in your design to lead the visitor through your sales funnel. This could be to signup for a newsletter, contact you or buy directly. Make sure your navigation supports this by flowing in a logical manner.

Credibility: Everything on your website should build trust and showcase your professionalism. Your website should convey your message in a clear tone, have an optimized navigation, and be user friendly so that you don’t confuse your visitors.

Your website design should be use to use and retrieve information. Think like your best customer. How will they use your website? Also, find a couple of people to review the design of your website before making it live. User feedback can help you provide the best experience to your website visitors.

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