If you are a startup and you need a new website design, how do you start the process? A few years ago it was ok to just have a brochure website with basic information about what you do, but the times have changed and your target audience expects more. In a world where technology evolves at the speed of light and the internet allows anyone to connect with each other, a basic website design with only one page won’t cut it.

A good business website is focused on what their target audience want and knows exactly what business message should be used on their website. It’s really not rocket science, but there is a couple of things you should plan before you start building your business website. Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started.

Business website tips

Objectives: Start the process by defining your business goals. Do you want to sell your services and products? Should your business be online sales focused?

Target audience: Who’s your target audience? This is important to know because your visitors will arrive on your website looking for something specific. Do you know what they are looking for? Can you help them?

Competitors: Do you know what your competitors are doing online? Research who they are and what they are doing with their website. This can reveal many hidden opportunities on how you can better your website.

Traffic: You can SEO optimize your website so that you are found on the search engines or you can advertise through pay per click marketing for instant results. This is important to decide because it can affect the look and feel of your website and how you want your business message to be displayed by your visitors.

Content and pages: Which pages are you going to put the most focus on? Yes your home page will generate a lot of traffic, but your “about us” page can also generate traffic if people are interested in finding out who you are. Optimize each page 100% for your visitors so that they can find what they are looking for.