Although Pinterest is still in its earlier stages, it’s clearly here to stay. It should be part of your Social Media Marketing strategy. Tools are popping up left and right to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their Pinterest efforts. Tools such as PinReach andPinPuff make identifying influencers easier and more efficient. Content development tools for Pinterest, such as Pinstamatic, Snapito, and Pinerly, allow brands to be creative and visually stimulating with their pins. Take a look at this pinfographic from

You may be thinking, oh no, not another Pinfographic!

This week’s infographic takes a look at why both etailers and content marketers should take this exploding social network seriously. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it once more — Pinterest is a social network not about what people are doing, but about the things that people want to consume. And it already refers more traffic than Twitter.

The network is growing beyond the Midwest. Though still predominantly female, the entrance of well-known brands are drawing more and more XY chromosomes. So who are you talking to and how should you plant your flag? Maxymizer‘s pinfographic has some great pinformation.

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As we move more and more towards a social economy, Pinterest is just one touchpoint in a social marketing strategy, but it looks like a real contender.