Social media has been around for quite some time and many businesses are busy integrated this new medium into their online marketing campaigns. If your business is not integrating social media into your current marketing strategy, you are losing out big time. For search engine optimization (SEO), links from relevant blogs and user generated content channels such as industry related websites are considered valuable links. Google and most of the other top search engines are using “social signals” better known as social authority as one of their ranking factors. Social media and SEO are working hand in hand.

Social media and SEO is a match made in heaven. Links have always been the top currency that will always finance good organic rankings on Google. Networking on the social web is now the relationship side of search engine optimization. Links from valuable social media channels are valued highly by Google, and so it can count towards your ranking online.

Not every link that you build with your SEO campaign weighs the same. Links from websites and blogs with a high social authority are given more weight, and so I recommend you go after these. Social authority is created when a business or individual establish themselves as the leader and expert in their niche. These are also people that are the most influential in their business.

What creates social authority and how can you start focus on building your authority online?

What creates social authority

  • Having more social authoritive followers and friends.
  • Always be on topic about your niche by creating and curating relevant content that others interested in your business will find interesting.

Links from Twitter are no follow and it doesn’t carry any link juice, but they are still creating social signals that can be used for your rankings. If your tweet is picked up and re tweeted by someone with a high social authority, it will create ripples and the search engines will come investigate.

Social authority is beginning to play a major role with search engine rankings. Focus on building your profile online and become the expert in your niche. Google will love you and so will the people looking for your services or products.