You must have heard this before, but it’s the truth – blogging can be the heart and soul of your Internet Marketing campaign.Blogging can help you with Search Engine Optimization, digital PR, Social Media, and be the voice of your company online. Take a look at how behavior impacts Social Media Marketing according to

Want to understand the psychology behind why people interact via social networks?

During this fascinating interview I explore these very concepts.

To learn about the science and psychology of social media marketing, I interview Ric Dragon for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Social Media Science

How to develop relationships via social networks

People look for other people like themselves, which is called group affinity. People want to find like-minded souls. It is much easier in this age of social media than ever before.

Ric shares insights into the importance of small-talk in building relationships. You’ll learn how small-talk is an extension of social grooming and how sharing a little about yourself humanizes you and makes it easier to grow your social networks. Ric talks about how people bring common salad to social media.

Here’s an example of building relationships through small-talk.
Listen to the show to learn more about building relationships on social media.

What gamification and gifting bring to social media

Ric explains what gamification and gifting are and the different types of elements within social media. Learn why the most powerful rewards are the unexpected ones.

You’ll hear about different ways you can gift someone. Ric explains why it’s important to measure the depth of engagement and also how to measure the effectiveness of your company’s social media activities.

Listen to the show to learn why the need to reciprocate is very powerful and relevant to your social activities.

How communities develop via social media

Strong communities can form very quickly on social media and sometimes there are micro-communities. Ric talks about how strong communities can form spontaneously on social media. He also talks about how these communities form around hashtags.

You’ll learn why listening is important for both pre-existing communities and when communities are forming. Ric talks about online ethnography—the studying of people in an in-depth way online.

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How to craft the right brand voice on social media

People project personality onto brands and Ric explains why this is important to remember when you shape your brand voice.

Ric shares how brands can create the right voice. For example, you need to make sure that even though you want individuals to have their own voice when they speak for your company, you also want this voice to be consistent.

Craft a voice for your brand. Image source:
Listen to the show to find out why it’s important to be consistent.

The different subcategories of social media marketing

As social media evolves, the word community is thought of in different ways by different people. The expression social media also has different definitions for different people. Ric explains how there are at least five different types of social media projects.

You’ll learn why Ric believes brand management will experience the biggest area of growth. He says people are thinking most about brand management and when the brand has a really strong sense of purpose, it becomes a valued member of the community.

Listen to the show to discover more about brands using social media well.

Discovery of the Week

CScore is a free tool that allows you to analyze your Facebook page and provides you with data that give you useful insights into your Facebook marketing. You’ll get data including a conversation score, rank and star ratings in different categories.

Have a look at Social Media Examiner’s CScore here.

CScore rates Social Media Examiner’s Facebook pages as a “Conversationalist.”
Listen to the show to learn more about CScore and let us know how this works for you.

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