When Mark Zuckerberg first built Facebook, the purpose of it was to keep people connected with their friends. That was its first purpose. And it worked well. As Facebook grew, its purpose grew to accommodate businesses. Hence the addition of Facebook pages for brands. But many brand page admins make the mistake of thinking of Facebook users as “friends” who will look at company posts simply because a company posts them. Take a look at what SocialMediaExaminer says.

Are you struggling to make Facebook marketing work for your business?

Many marketers don’t know how to connect with their audience on Facebook in a meaningful way for their business.

Facebook Marketing for Business

The misconceptions marketers have about Facebook.

Brian explains why constant promotion is boring and what marketers should do instead. He describes how marketers should be using Facebook, and if you are not already on Facebook how to check it out and interact.

You’ll learn why it’s all about selling the dream and bridging the gap. One thing to do is to have a vision of the life that your customer is trying to live and portray that through photos and maybe even videos.

Brian shares some examples of businesses doing this well.  One of these businesses creates their own someecards. Discover how you can test this kind of tactic in your Facebook marketing.

Someecards is a popular, funny, online card site where you can create cool stuff with your own message attached.

The biggest mistakes marketers repeatedly make on Facebook.

Brian describes the 5 things you need to do to sell on Facebook as shown on his Facebook Diagram below and outlines the mistakes marketers make at each one of these steps.

Once you have your fans and you have reached them, you still need to persuade them.

bitly facebook diagram
Brian Carter’s Facebook Diagram

The Facebook metrics you need to pay attention to and why

Consider the possibility that your business might be having trouble because people may not be aware of you or they’re not engaging. You might not be showing up in their news feed or maybe you’re showing but they’re not buying for some reason.

Look at the metrics to figure out which part you’re having trouble with.

You’ll learn how to balance the number of fans on your Facebook page with the effective reach of your Facebook marketing and what Brian considers “trash-can metrics.”

How B2B businesses can approach Facebook marketing

Brian discusses the different options to target B2B customers on Facebook and feed people into your sales funnel.

When it comes to ads, you need to have passionate fans. Your fans have to be passionate, affordable and they need to be buyers.  Discover how to get to know your customers in Facebook terms. Ask “What other things do your customers like?”

There are a couple of tools for finding out your fans’ likes: Optim.al and Infinigraph.

Listen to the show to find out more about qualifying your audience on Facebook.

Brian shares his best Facebook marketing tip: Share a photo and give a call to action such as “Click Like if…”

To find out more about Facebook, check out our first podcast episode with Mari Smith, who shares insights on Facebook mobile.

Survival Tip: Use Images on Facebook

Recently Mari Smith and I experimented with this and it really does work. If you want to get maximum exposure for what you share on Facebook, use images to dominate Facebook news feeds. Images grab attention.

sme image in facebook

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