If you want to build and grow your business online, it’s very important to establish and maintain your digital footprint. Did you know that the social web is most likely the best way to place your brand in front of people so they can see exactly what you do and how you can help them? There are hundreds of social media channels available with millions of members that you can use in your social media marketing strategy and new ones are being releases everyday.

Facebook is by far the biggest and one of the most popular social media channels available and it’s a great platform you can use to build your digital footprint, but it shouldn’t be the only channel that you use. You may think having almost 1 billion members makes this channel the most important Web 2.0 channel to be on, but in reallity, that’s not always the truth.

Who’s your target audience?

Do you know and understand the people you are trying to reach with your social media campaign. Did you do some research before you decided that you are only going to use Facebook in your strategy? Is Facebook the only channel that your target audience use? What do you know about them? What content interests them?

Studying your target audience is by far one of the most important first steps you should do before starting with any social media campaign. Research your target audience and find out what they like. If you don’t know who they are or what they like, how are you going to get the right message across to them?

One sure way to lose the interest fast of the people you are trying to reach on any social media channel is if you bombard your updates with meaningless content that doesn’t relate to them or with only your own content. People like to do business with people that they trust and that they know. How are you going to build trust if you don’t know your target audience? Are they actually only using Facebook or other social media channels as well?

Even if your target audience only uses Facebook and you want to increase your reach and digital footprint online, why not focus on a couple of other social media channels available? What are you going to do if Facebook suffers the same fate as MySpace? What owned media do you have that you can use as the heart and soul of your social media strategy?

Increase your reach

There are thousands of other social media channels available that you can use together with Facebook. Using more than social media channel can really help you increase the awareness of your digital footprint online. You must remember that if you are only using one social media channel to grow your business online is spreading your reach way too thin.

Social media is a very important medium you can use to build and grow your business online. It really doesn’t matter if you are looking  only at local customers or customers from abroad, Facebook is really a great way to go, but it shouldn’t be your only social media presence online.