About 62% of customers are already using social media regarding customer service issues. This is going to affect your business, traffic to your website, and most importantly your sales. To get ahead of this new trend you need social media marketing and strategies.

Customers who have a positive experience with your website or local business may not think about posting about it on Facebook or Twitter. Usually positive information appears when someone had an amazing experience. It is an experience unlike any other which the consumer felt worthy of posting because it takes time to write a post. It also creates a situation where a negative comment is more likely to go viral more than a positive comment.

An unsatisfied customer is going to make certain they create a post. They are going to take the time to announce any issue they had with the company. It is a failure on your part if you do not have social media marketing in place to counteract customer service complaints.

Legitimate complaints need to be resolved. Social media makes it a global issue. Any time there is a negative issue with your company you need to employ your customer service protocol. Address the problem, acknowledge that you are listening by posting a comment, state your policy, and state what you can do to resolve the situation.

Customer service on social media is looking to get a positive result from the customer. A customer with a bad experience may not accept the apology or offer you have made to them. They may continue to disparage your brand; however, you have addressed the problem. You showed other customers that you are paying attention. You noticed that someone was unhappy and did your utmost to solve it.

You can do the same when there are positive comments. Anytime someone acknowledges your customer service on a website or in store via social media make certain you acknowledge their appreciation. If you receive millions of posts on social media sites each day it might be harder; however, you should at least acknowledge the daily comments made with your marketing strategy. Even if it is a post to all instead of one or two individuals this will help your customer service online.