Facebook isn’t big. It’s massive and it keeps on growing with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Online you will find many articles, whitepapers, videos, infographics, and blogs that are dedicated to promote all the good things about Facebook marketing, and in many posts related to social media, Facebook will be mentioned.

With all the hype going on about Facebook, did you know that there are tactics that can basically ruin your social media campaign completely? If you are looking for new ways to reduce the number of “likes” to your Facebook strategy, try to do some of the tactics explained below that guarantees people to unfollow you.

Facebook marketing mistakes

Spam with links: This one is easy to accomplish. Spam people’s news feeds with links. Not once, but a couple of times during the day. I’ve seen many brands that I used to follow suddenly post lots of spammy updates in a short period. Most likely they linked some RSS feed to their Twitter and Facebook profile to publish new updates as soon as new content is published. This type of “over” posting doesn’t increase your reputation and will most likely damage it. Your social media profiles should be more selective of the content you post and share.

Posting irrelevant information: The whole point with curating content is to weed through all irrelevant content and to get the “magnetic content” items that will stick. Posting random irrelevant information and updates that your target audience will not find interesting will definitely result in a loss of attention.

Being a ghost: Over-sharing doesn’t work, but so does not updating anything at all. It’s a fact that dormant pages and profiles on Facebook loses fans. We all like to cleanup our profiles once in a while and the pages we liked with no new content gets unliked to make room for new and interesting pages to follow. Consistency is a golden key to stay engaged and connected with your target audience.

Only talking about yourself: It does feel good, but it’s not the way to go. What information does your target audience find interesting and what can help them. Always keep your updates and content that you share relevant to your audience.

Automating everything: Facebook marketing takes time and effort, but it doesn’t mean you should automate your campaign 100%. It’s important to bring in the human element to engage with your audience to keep them interested. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t automate anything. One thing that I often automate is new blog posts that I publish which is relevant to my audience gets automatically syndicated to my Facebook profile.

Facebook marketing is a great way to engage with your target audience on a platform that they trust and know. Avoid the common mistakes above with your social media campaign.