You must have heard this before, but it’s the truth – blogging can be the heart and soul of your Internet Marketing campaign. Blogging can help you with Search Engine Optimization, digital PR, Social Media, and be the voice of your company online. While carefully crafted blog posts that you publish has the potential to reach millions of readers faster than traditional marketing can and that ranks well on the search engines for specific keywords and phrases, blog posts has also the potential to make your marketing message go viral.

Even though many would disagree with me, blogging is a great tool to use for your social media marketing campaign. How are you going to use a blog with your social media marketing campaign? Find below a couple of tips to help you integrate your blog to be more social.

Social media blogging

Add shareable icons: Let your target visitors know that they can share your blog posts with their own network by adding social share buttons on your blog posts. There are many free plugins that you can use to add this functionality automatically to your blog. This can help the engagement of your blog posts rise.

Write content designed for your targeted audience: Write your blog posts so that your target audience will find interesting and that will encourage comments on your content. When commenting on your blog posts, be open minded controversial.

Share your content on your own social media channels: After you have published a new blog post, share it on the social media channels you are using. Try to create an active discussion on the social web regarding the blog posts that you publish.

Social media and blogging is a match made in heaven. With your blog, you are using another channels that your target audience can engage with you.