Google+ almost gives you a sense of many different Social Media platforms and their features in one place. It is a big role player in Social Media marketing when we look at the Google+ Pages. Google+ is different from Facebook: organizing your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues into different Circles, and meeting them in Hangouts. shares reasons why you should use it for business.

Like the old-fashioned Yellow Pages, Google+ Pages offer businesses a way to connect with customers — but with a lot more interactivity.

So why get your own Google+ Page, when you’re already swamped with followers on Facebook and Twitter?

Experts are chiming in, and their answers fall into three broad categories.

1. Connections.

More than 1 billion people use Google’s search engine every month. Google Plus for businesses allows you to potentially tap into that traffic, as Google+ Pages are now showing up in search results.

With the launch of Google+ Pages, the website is also debuting a feature called “Direct Connect.” Users who type “+” in front of a company’s name in Google’s search field will be connected directly to the company’s Google+ Page, if there is one.

People with personal Google+ profiles can recommend your business with a “+1,” or add your business to their “Circles” so they can follow your every post. They can even chat with you or your employees face-to-face over Google+’s “Hangouts” feature.

2. Collaborations.

“Hangouts” is more than just a way to video chat, it also lets your team work on shared files in Google Docs from remote locations, in real time. Businesses can also use “Hangouts” like a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming.

Customers can also collaborate via “Hangouts.” Businesses can host live customer feedback discussions, for example, giving you insight into your products and your customer base, a columnist for Simply Business suggests.

3. Circles.

As you may have heard, Google+ features “Circles,” which lets you pick which posts are sent to specific groups of followers.

This could be a boon to businesses that cater to certain demographics, The International Business Times suggests. For example, a business can create different content for different age group “Circles,” or send special offers to customers in a certain geographic “Circle.”

However, keep in mind that Google Plus for businesses are still evolving. Critics note that Google+ Pages are still in need of business-friendly features like website analytic tools and personalized URLs.