When searching online, people often use more than one keyword to qualify their search and to get the exact answer they are looking for. If people are looking to buy a car, they are not just going to type in “bmw”, but “bmw for sale” or even “bmw 320 2014 for sale”. This does add some challenges to search engine optimisation (SEO) people, but when optimising for specific intent and targeting your keywords, it will improve your conversions.

Focusing on these keywords with specific intent can position your brand and business to attract targeted visitors. The question still remains, which keywords do you start targeting that describes your products or services and that will wield qualified traffic? Find a couple of tips below for your keyword research campaign.

SEO keyword research based on intent

Fast: People are looking for quick results on their mobile. They will usually use specific phrases based on their location to get the results that they need. Be sure to add in your location to the terms you are optimising for. It’s pointless if I’m searching for a restaurant in Pretoria and I get results for cape town.

Quality: People that are usually looking for specific premium services or products will use the terms “premium, best, quality” in their search terms. Mix these up with the keywords you are targeting.

Cost effective: Look at people that are looking for the most cost effective solution to their query. They will usually use words such as low cost, free, discount, cheapest, affordable or even cheapest. It might become tricky to use these words, but focus always on the main keyword phrase and tying in these secondary phrases with your keyword list.

Easy: These are people searching for products and services that will make their lives easier. This will consist of core keywords married to secondary keywords like “easy, full service, convenient, etc”.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers that are busy with SEO campaigns are making is focusing only on core keywords without a thought of the intent of the users that will be searching for these. Make your campaign more targeted by focusing on intent.