When people are searching for answers to their questions online, they often use a set of general keywords to find what they are looking for. If people search for restaurants, they may search for “take away restaurants”, “Chinese restaurants”, “seafood restaurants” or even “Indian restaurants”. Searching for a restaurant in Bloemfontein they may look for “take away restaurants in Bloemfontein”, etc.

When creating your SEO strategy and how you are going to use your content around your strategy, always take a look at using long tail keywords in your strategy. Long tail keywords usually describes the main keyword in detail. Find below a couple of tips you can use to experiment with long tail keywords.

Keyword research tips

Area: Include area words together with your main keyword phrase in the areas you operate it. Many people use area names on their searches to find specific to the point results.

Questions: What questions will people type into the search engines to find you? Using questions as main keywords is a bit risky, but with proper research can drive a huge amount of targeted traffic to the page optimized for that keyword phrases.

Best: People that are using the search engines to find premium services and products will use terms such as “choice”, “best”, “easiest”, etc together with their main keyword phrases. How can you use these keywords together with the main phrases you are targeting?

Price description keywords: You can use phrases such as “cheap”, “cheaper”, “free”, “discount”, and “low cost” together with your main keyword phrase to target the people using these phrases to find information.

Using long tail keywords can improve your messaging on your website and most of the time these are also easier to get good rankings for on Google. The most important part of using long tail keywords is that these are actually the keywords people are typing into Google that describes their question or problem. Can you help them?