Content is king! You must have heard this saying a thousand times, especially if you are in the SEO or internet marketing field. It’s true. Google lives and breathes quality content. If the content on your website is correctly written, builds desire, triggers and motivates an action, you have a gold mine.

Content should be so much more than what you do and a descriptions about your services or products. The content you use can be the difference in converting an interested visitor into a customer. How can you write your content to achieve this? It’s easy. Use “action” words in your content to grab their attention.

Action words are used for a specific reason – to drive action. These are the words you should use in your content that will remove doubt. They are used to make your visitors take an action and cause an impact with them. Find below a couple of tips on integrating “action” words in your content.

SEO “action” words

Targeted visitors: It’s crucial that you focus your content on attracting your target audience instead of appealing to everyone. Target people that are already in mode to act. Use specific headings, titles, and other visual elements that appeals to your target audience. This will help attract the people you want to convert.

Be concise:¬†Always be clear and concise with your content. Remove all the doubt by using a clear language in a tone that your target audience will be comfortable with. Use specific action words like “do” instead of “try” – “must” instead of “should”. This must happen is stronger than this should happen.

Trigger emotion: Use specific emotional words in your content. Action words can spark emotion that will encourage your visitors to take an action. Action words and specific words and phrases that will trigger your visitors to take an action.

Call to action: Use call to action phrases in your content that describes the “now”. When people are searching for solutions they usually like being told what to do. Tell it to them.