If you have a blog, did you know that it can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings as well as your social media marketing campaign? If you want your blog to start working for your business, it requires you to structure your blog posts in such a way that you can deep link (link building) into your website to get the most benefit from it.

If you already have a keyword plan that you are using for SEO, use it as a guide everytime that you write and publish a new blog post. This should only be part of your blogging plan, but when you are busy writing a new blog post, follow this structure so that you can get the most out of your blogging for SEO.

Blogging structure for SEO

Topic: The first step in the process is selecting a topic that is relevant to your business, brand, products or services that your readers and visitors will enjoy reading.

Keywords: The second step is selecting the best keywords that you can use to focus your blog post on. If you don’t have any keywords that you can use, make a decision if you really want to publish the blog post. If it does fall in the overall theme and plan for your business, publish it. Your keyword plan should never be a static list that you only use to check which keywords you can use. It should be updated on a regular basis where you can add more keywords and long tail phrases that users are using to search for your business.

Use the keywords in the title of your blog post and in the content of your of the post. Try to use the keywords at least once in the first few words of the post. With SEO, Google and the other search engines places more weight on keywords found in the beginning of title and content. In the content, link one of the keywords to the most relevant page on your website. Make sure the anchor text of the link is the full keyword or phrase you are targeting.

Even though blogging is mostly a social media medium, it has great SEO benefits. Make sure the structure of your website is optimized for SEO and keep in natural.