If you are starting out with search engine optimisation (SEO), the first step you should do is create a complete audit on how you are going to boost your presence online. It’s crucial that you first do an audit of the current SEO landscape and your competitors to find out how you should optimise your SEO campaign.

The SEO audit should also include a technical review to find out if there are any current issues on your website. It should then be followed by a complete keyword analysis to find the exact keyword phrases and long tail keywords you are going to target to get the best exposure and conversions. Doing this will give you a clear indication of what you should do on your website to get top organic rankings.

SEO audit

Technical audit: Look at everything on a technical level that could be hindering you from getting top organic rankings. Are you using too many images and almost no text? Are you spamming too many keywords in your content? What is the speed of your website? Is it hosted in a bad neighborhood? Answering these questions will give you a good indication of what technical aspects should change on your website.

Website audit: Look at the number of pages that are indexed, the keywords you are ranking for and also the amount of organic traffic you are getting. Are all the on page SEO elements in place such as the title tag, headings and content? Also look at the number of incoming links to your website and pages. Are these spammy?

Keywords audit: This is still the heart of SEO because people type in keywords into the search engines to find what they are looking for. Always only use the best keywords that are relevant to your business, products and services. Put yourself in your visitors shoes. What do you want to find when you search?