For business, having your business address on your website and blog has always been important. The visitors to your website are looking if you are a real business by checking out where you operate by looking at your address. If you are a local business, then having your address displayed prominently on your website will help you get good organic rankings on the search engines. If you don’t have your address on your website you are basically signalling your visitors and the search engines that you are not a real business and at the end of the day, it could have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

What benefits are there to displaying your address?

Build trust: People like to do business with real people and nobody likes to be scammed. Displaying your address can be a sign that you are a real business with an actually address. This is a huge factor if your are selling products online as this can give assurance to your customers if anything goes wrong with the transaction.

With today’s technology lifestyle, it’s very easy for visitors to visit and view information about your business online. All they have to do is enter your address on Google Maps and they can then pinpoint where your business is located.

Local organic search rankings: Your visitors are searching for local businesses that have a local address. Having your address on your website will help your business be displayed on the local search engine result pages. In addition to the address you display on your website, include the cities you serve as well. To make it even better, create a dedicated page that lists the areas that you serve.

Google penalty: Over the last few months, Google has been getting more aggressive cleaning up the search results and hammering on websites with low quality pages. You can expect to see websites that are not displaying their address to get pushed down or removed from the search pages.