Researching keywords to target for your search engine optimization campaign is a must for anyone interested in SEO or busy with a campaign to improve their organic rankings on Google. Sounds easy? It might be for people with experience in keyword research, but for beginners it’s not not. With this process you need to clearly understand the motivation behind your best customers and what they are going to type into Google.

Ask yourself: Do you understand the people you are targeting? What is the primary focus of your business website? Why would people choose you over the other competitors in your niche?

Answering these questions will give you a very good idea on the type of keywords you will have to target. It’s imperative that you understand why people are searching online and what their intent is. Are they looking for information, answers, or do they want to purchase something? This has an effect on the keywords and content you should be targeting.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you get started researching the best keywords to target for SEO

SEO keyword research

Relevancy: The keywords you select should always be relevant to what your business does. Choose keyword phrases that describes your services and products. If someone used one of your keywords and found you online, will they want to do business with you? Never only select keyword based on high search volume.

Specific phrases: It’s a fact that the more specific (long tail – more than one keyword) will be easier to get organic rankings for, but they have to be very specific. People interested in purchasing use specific long tail phrases and are easier to convert than people only looking for information.

General keywords: Never focus only on general keywords that are too narrow or too broad. As explained above, always be specific and to the point with your keywords and phrases that you are targeting. The more specific, the better results you can expect.

SEO is a form of science, not a magic rabbit hat trick. Research your keywords to know which ones you can target.