With search engine optimization, there are some common mistakes people make on their website that can harm the possibility of getting decent rankings on Google. If you have a website and you have no text on your pages, using the wrong keywords and phrases, and no valuable links pointing to your website, you are doing SEO wrong.

If you are doing any of these mistakes, you can hurt your organic rankings on Google and there will be no way to improve your rankings, unless you fix these mistakes. Here’s a couple of tips to help you so that you don’t make these SEO mistakes.

SEO mistakes to avoid

Keywords: Never select keywords purely based on search volume. Always search for keywords that are relevant to your business and that your target audience will use on Google to find you. Research the phrases that your best customers will use to find what you are offering. Select only the keywords that are based on the intent of finding out more about you, or buy your products and services. Key phrases that are between 3-5 words works the best as they are more descriptive. When you have selected your keywords, plan and use them on your website pages.

No text: Valuable content is the bread and butter of the search engines and so it’s critical that you use optimized content on all of your website pages. Only use original content that your target audience will find interesting. Also use the keywords you have selected in the heading of the content, body text, and any links that you use. This will up the score for relevancy on your website pages.

Only use content that will entice your visitors to read more or take an action.

Links: Getting other authoritive websites to link to you is also a critical part of SEO. Only try to get links from relevant websites with authority online. 10 links from authoritive websites are much more worth than 1000 links from random sites.