SEO copywriting  should be used to get good results from your target audience and to increase your organic SEO rankings on Google. It is completely different than writing for print. SEO copywriting to get attention online should always have a clear focus, be to the point, use shorter sentences, paragraphs, and should be easily read. It’s an internet marketing art form.

You must have heard the saying “Content is king”, and it still is. Many internet marketers proclaim these days that “engagement is king”, but they are completely wrong. To have meaningful engagement online with your target audience requires quality content to start the conversation.

Here’s a couple of copywriting tips for SEO to grab the attention of your audience.

SEO copywriting tips

Answers: 99% of all searches online starts with a question. People are looking for answers to their queries. How can you help these visitors with your copywriting? Use questions to formulate the baseline for the content that you are writing.

It’s about your target audience: Realize that it’s really not about you, but your visitors and target audience. Always write for them instead of writing about how good you and your company are. If you are really that good and you help your target audience, people will notice.

Attention grabbers: Use attention grabbing topics in the content and articles that you write. Explain the importance of what you are trying to achieve with your writing. Never start your copywriting with a plain boring sales pitch. This is most likely the easiest way to scare your visitors away.

Be to the point: Use shorter paragraphs in your content and break up paragraphs by using the sub headings and lists. People like to scan online content before they start reading. The main points in your content should be easily seen. Another smart way is to indent and use bold text on certain sections.