Linking to relevant core pages on your website from your blog is a trusted SEO blogging technique that can add major value to your business and overall search engine optimization strategy. When you link to pages on your website with anchor text describing the page, it can add massive value to the page you are linking to. This is a trusted way to build up the link architecture of your website.

Making sure that Google can crawl your website you need a link navigation and architecture that it can follow. In plain English: you should provide a natural pathway for the search engine bots to follow so that they can find all the pages on your website. What structure and architecture works the best to make sure the search engine bots can crawl your website? It’s easy. All the navigation and links on your website should be focused around your core keywords and you should link relevant pages together. That is where SEO blogging comes in.

SEO blogging tips

Blogging is a natural and great way to improve the relevancy between your pages. When your blog is part of your website you can focus on increasing the relevancy of your pages and start grouping all the important pages together. Each blog post that you publish should have one keyword phrase that you are going to target. This doesn’t mean you should spam your blog posts. Keep your writing natural.

In your blog posts, use the main keyword phrase you are targeting in your blog post title, in the first paragraph, and also in the content of the post. Also, link the keyword phrase in the post to the most relevant page on your website. This will create a link relevancy between the blog post and the page you are linking to.

When you are doing this correctly, it will help Google and the other search engines with crawling your website and find all the pages that are relevant to each other. This can also increase the organic rankings of the page you are linking to for the terms you are using as the anchor text in the link. SEO blogging is must have if you are interested in the marketing of your website online.