In reality, search engine optimization is quite an expensive process where many businesses are spending thousands of rands every month to get good rankings on Google. While some search engine optimization tactics are effective, other strategies doesn’t work at all. Most often, SEO can attract visitors to your website and blog, but they don’t convert into sales or leads. What is the point then?

In my experience with SEO, this kind of marketing is most likely one of the best investments you can make to market your business, services, and products to the world. There are millions of websites online with thousands of new ones being launched everyday. SEO is not a nice to have anymore, but an absolute must for anyone taking their business seriously.

But even though this sounds all good, what should you look out for when starting with SEO?

SEO mistakes to avoid

Not targeting the right traffic: Are you getting visitors to your website that doesn’t convert? Your SEO campaign always needs to connect to your targeted audience by selecting the right keywords and phrases that they are using to search on Google. If you are local business, try to attract local visitors, if you are an international business, target them.

Wrong SEO methods: Google has released many updates over the last couple of months to penalize websites conducting black hat SEO methods and that have low quality content, duplicate content, and also link schemes. Focus on good original quality content that your target audience will find interesting.

Conversions: Your website should be developed and designed with one goal in mind – to sell. Create a clear path for your visitors to take on your website where they can buy, request quote or complete a sign up. Visitors to your website will look for answers to their questions. Can your website help them?

Targeted traffic is excellent, but traffic that converts is even better.