Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of two important parts namely on page SEO that involves everything regarding your physical website and off page SEO that involves everything off of your website. One important off page SEO factor called “link building” is most likely one of the most important SEO part. To have a good link building campaign doesn’t consist of just building quality links, but also how fast you are adding them to your website.

How fast you are building your back links is known as “the link acquisition rate”. Search engines uses this method to discover new links. A long term link building campaign over a period of time is the best. If you have done a little bit of competitor analysis and one of your competitors has thousands of links and your website only have a few, do they actually get more value out of their links than your website?

To give you a very over the top example explaining this. If you decide that you are going to start with a link building campaign and you want to get 500 back links in one month and then stop. What will happen is that your campaign will have very few links leading up to the point that Google discovers your links, have one massive spike in links acquired and then go back to having new links. This does look suspicious.

Don’t get penalized by Google

When this is discovered by Google, they will most likely discount many of those links as only a steady increase in links over a period of time looks natural and trustworthy. Spread your link building campaign over a period of time to  get the best results.

Link building is an absolute must for any SEO campaign, but it can also do you more harm than good if you don’t plan your campaign properly. Everything should always look natural to Google to get the best results. When doing your link building campaign the wrong way, it can work against your strategy.