The goal with your SEO and internet marketing campaign should be to attract your target audience to complete an action on your website. The audience you are after should be people that are interested in your services or products. When you are designing a new internet marketing campaign, you should create it not only to attract targeted visitors, but to convert them as well.

No matter how you look at it, SEO is a form of pull marketing. People use Google to find information and answers. If your website or blog relates to what they are looking for, these people stand a chance of becoming your next customer.

How to get the best results out of search engine optimization? A successfull SEO plan should always answer the following five questions.

SEO questions

What is the purpose of your website? The purpose of your website should always be to help you reach your objectives. Your business and your websites needs to have goals that you will be able to measure. By focusing on what you want to achieve with your website will help you to create a more effective and successful SEO campaign.

Why will visitors come to your website? Do you understand your target audience? What answers are they looking for? In order to get the best results, your website should present a solution to their problems. Add a clear message to your website when a visitor arrives so that they will know this is the best answer.

Do you know which keywords to target? You should always select the best keywords with your campaign based on level of competition, relevance, and search volume. Apply these keywords to your whole website. Optimize your website to use these keywords.

What content are you going to publish?  What content are you going to publish on your website or blog? Will they be educational? Just about sales? What content interests your target audience? Do some research and find out what information your audience is after. This will help you with your content marketing strategy.

How are you going to measure your results? Use analytics such as Google analytics to measure your campaign. Look at the amount of unique and returning visitors, time spend on your website, keywords used, and the bounce rate. This will help you determine the success of your social media campaign.