Review your website before starting with any search engine optimization campaign (SEO) is an absolute must if you are trying to improve your organic search engine results on Google. Before you can start with SEO, always start the process with an audit of your current website before you start implementing any on page and off page SEO methods.

The website review process should include a complete audit of your existing website to see if there are any potential problems that could hinder the SEO process. The review should also include a thorough analysis of keywords and phrases you are going to target with your campaign. Keywords are the base for any SEO strategy and there is no workaround for it. It should be done if you are serious about SEO.

Here’s a couple of tips on reviewing your website before implementing SEO.

SEO reviewing tips

Technical audit: There are many technical (on page SEO) things that could prevent your website from getting quality organic rankings on Google. If your website consists of only graphics and no text, the SEO on your website will be limited due to the fact that Google wants content to index. Also, make sure your website doesn’t include any spammy elements such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, etc.

Look at the number of pages on your website and the current traffic those pages are getting.  Measuring the traffic is a great way to find ways to improve your website. is the title tags, headings, and content optimized? Do you have any quality links pointing to your core pages?

Keywords: This is still the baseline for any SEO plan and it’s important that you review which keywords and phrases you are going to target with your SEO campaign. Put yourself in your customers shoes. What keywords are they going to use on Google to find what you are offering?

Reviewing your website for SEO before you start your campaign will give you a good indication of what you must do to achieve high organic results on Google. SEO isn’t a one time event, but should be ongoing, especially with all the Google algorithm updates.