Researching and choosing the best targeted keywords that you can use to generate organic search engine traffic to your website and blog is not just a physical process you have to go through, it’s also an art form. With keyword research you not only have to go through the normal process of selecting some keywords to use, it’s important that you understand what drives your best customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research is a fundamental part of SEO.

People are going online to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and to find information. The online world is an information portal. What if your website can provide them with answers, solutions, and the information that they require? It will definitely be cool.

Find below a couple of tips you can use on researching the best keyword phrases for your website.

SEO keyword research

Website and blog focus: What products and services are you offering on your website and blog? Select the best keywords that are relevant to your services. If someone searched for one of the keywords you are using, will they buy from you as soon as they visit your website? Look at phrases with the most potential to convert your visitors.

Visitors: Put yourself in your visitors shoes, not as the website owner. What are you going to look for when you search for anything relevant to your business? Maybe the one top keyword you are chasing isn’t the right one to put all your effort on. Focus on your visitors needs and provide them what they are looking for.

Long tail keywords: The longer your keywords are, the less traffic they will yield, but will convert better. Also, when you are targeting long tail phrases, you can be sure that your competitors are not ranking for these as there are thousands of phrases you can target that describes your service in details. Use questions as phrases.

Focus on bringing in buyers into your website instead of just visitors. Do research and find out exactly how your target audience is searching on Google.