When someone searches for anything relevant to your services or products on the search engines and your website is on page #1 with other results, does this mean your search engine optimization strategy is working? Nope, it doesn’t. How do you know for sure that the person searching will click on your website instead of the 9 other results?

It’s important that SEO should never consist of just getting onto #1 on Google. You need to create the best listing so that people will actually visit your website and do you business with you. This is the heart of search engine optimization.

The click through rate of website is a ranking factor on Google. This is very easy to measure by the search engine giant. How many times does your website show up for a certain query and how many times are people actually visiting your website because of it? It makes business sense to Google to move the top results up and the low ones down due to the fact that Google only wants to provide their users with the best and most accurate information.

How can you optimize your search engine listing to improve your listing on Google? Optimize it so that it looks interesting, informative, and entertaining. To do this you need to optimize your meta titles and meta descriptions. Find a couple of tips below that can get you started with this.

SEO optimization tips

Meta title: This is the most important element in SEO. This is the headline of your pages that needs to grab the attention of your visitors. It’s important that you keep your meta title short and to the point. Never use more than 75 characters and craft this so that it’s attention grabbing and answers the questions of people looking for any of your services or products.

Meta description: The meta description is displayed underneath the title in the SERP’s. Use unique meta descriptions on every single page on your website. Use powerful descriptive text that will convince people that you have the best answer. Do not use more than 157 characters in your meta descriptions. The reason for this is that Google cannot display longer meta descriptions and you don’t want your description to be cut off.

SEO is a serious game and if you are looking for more organic traffic, it’s time to optimize not only your website, but also how you are being displayed on Google.