Did you know that there’s a major difference between building your website with SEO (search engine optimisation) integrated into the core of your website from the start than adding it at a later stage. SEO is all about generated targeted traffic to your website that are interested in your services or products. SEO is about helping people find what they are looking for.

Keywords are still at the core of SEO because these are the words people are typing into Google to find you. Always select the best keywords that your target audience will use on Google and that has a good traffic volume. People are usually searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

If your website is well optimised, it will greet your new visitors with what they were looking for. If this happens they will automatically become more engaged and interested in your offering.

If you are doing keyword research, understand that these phrases are so much more than just getting the attention of the search engines. It’s how your target audience think and will enquire about your services or products. You should build these keywords into every part of your website to allow you to connect directly with your visitors. This will yield higher conversion rates.

Your keyword phrases should be used in the core of your website such as the website page names, title, headings, menu, content and even image naming. Also use them in your sales funnel and call to actions.

To get back to the core topic of this post, if you are adding SEO at a later stage on your website, it cannot be integrated as deeply as it should be to get the best results from your campaign. You might be generating traffic to your website, but the conversion rate will take a knock.

To get the best exposure with your SEO campaign, integrate it from the beginning onto you website. This will yield great conversion and traffic that matters.