If you are interested in improving your website SEO (search engine optimisation) organic rankings on Google and the other search engines, did you know that blogging is an easy way to do this? By adding a blog to your website content strategy to improve your SEO rankings is called SEO blogging. Every time you publish a new blog post it’s seen by Google as a new website page that you are adding. The trick to add unique and valuable content to your blog posts.

You can use blogging to optimise your overall website. When you write interesting content, link to the most relevant page on your website. This will increase the interlinking of your most important pages and give access to Google to crawl it further. How do you get started with this?

SEO blogging tips

Create a blog: Set up a blog on your website. You can create a subdomain eg: blog.yourdomain.com or use a sub directory yourdomain.com/blog/.

Keywords: This is still the heart and gold of the search engines. Create a list of keywords you are going to use to optimise the blog and that you are going to use in the content, headings, links and overall structure of the blog. Use keywords that are relevant to your business services and products and what users will use when they search for anything related to your business. Make sure you focus on intent where the user is searching for something specific.

Blog topics: Publish blog posts with topics that your readers will find interesting. This is most of the times the first thing a user will see about your blog post. Make it stand out to catch their attention. A good way of doing this is by asking a question and then answering it in your blog content.

SEO blogging is a natural way that you can use to increase the organic search engine rankings of your website. It requires commitment and regularly posting of new topics.