Keywords, the heart and soul of internet marketing. Keywords are for your visitors searching Google for information, products or answers. Keywords are how people are going to find you online. They are the phrases that people are typing into their browser when they are searching the web. Once you have done your keyword research and picked the best ones that you are going to use, how are you going to use them? Interested visitors will arrive to your website and search for any indication of the keywords that they used to make sure they are in the right place. Does your website help them with this?

Your visitors will usually expect to see the keywords and phrases to be visible on the page they arrive on your website. Where are they going to look first? Your visitors will most likely look for the keywords in your web page titles, headings, and they will scan the navigation and read the first paragraph of the page they are on. All of this happens in a few seconds and if they don’t see what they came for, they will leave and browse to the next site. People aren’t searching anymore, they are filtering data. How are you going to use keywords in your website so that they stand out?

Website keyword optimization

Best keywords: Every page on your website should be focused around one keyword. Keep all of the pages on your website focused and with a plan. You can have many secondary keywords that are relevant, but to optimize a page, use only one. Too many keywords will not product results.

Headlines: You can use keywords in your page titles and headlines to communicate this directly to your visitors when they arrive. When your visitors sees this, they will become interested and read your message.

Links: You can use the keywords you are targeting in the content of your website pages to link to the most relevant pages on your website. This will help you build a healthy internal link structure.

Be natural: Your content and website should be written to convince. You cannot do it if you are forcing your writing and look unnatural  Use your keywords sparingly and always introduce your main keyword phrase in the first and closing paragraph of the page.