Google’s algorithm isn’t huge, it’s massive. Millions of people are using this medium everyday to find answers, solutions, and information on to questions they have. It’s an information portal and it works at the speed of light. Google’s number 1 goal is to provide their users (everyone using Google) with the most up to date and accurate information. With this, Google has to constantly update their algorithm so that they can provide us with the best service, but it comes at a price, especially if you are in the search engine optimization (SEO) field.

With every Google algorithm update, they are trying to eliminate all the low quality spammy results from their index. To make sure your website doesn’t get taken off of the index, your website should provide the best experience to your visitors and only focus on quality rather than quantity when publishing articles, building links, and optimizing your website. Your SEO plan should be targeted.

Here’s a couple of tips you should practice to make sure you don’t get hit by a Google Algorithm update that could affect your SEO strategy.

Google SEO optimization tips

It’s all about your visitors: Never create your website, content, and links just to get top rankings on Google. Focus on your visitors and provide them with the most up to date and relevant information. Most searches starts with a question. Can your website answer them?

Never publish low quality content: If you have any low quality content on your website, remove it. Your content should always be of high quality and engaging to your visitors. Don’t republish the same content again and again. This is seen as duplicate content and will be labelled as duplicate by the search engine giant.

Quality content: In the world of SEO and Google, content is still king. Focus on only producing high quality content on your website pages, articles, and blog posts. Link building is still one of the center focus points for SEO and with quality content it’s possible to acquire high quality and relevant links back to your content.

Measure: Keep a close eye on Google analytics to improve the overall experience your visitors are having on your website. Regularly change your website to provide your users with the best experience.

With SEO, always focus on quality before quantity. It will pay off.