Did you know that the number of pages on your website increases the search engine visibility of your website? You should always update and modify your website to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) organic rankings on Google. The easiest way to achieve this is to regularly add quality content to your website. This will be a huge plus for SEO as long as the content isn’t duplicated and helps your visitors find what they are looking for.

There have been many Google Algorithm updates over the last few years and many websites have been hit hard with some losing all their precious rankings. Most of the sites that were affected were article directories and spammy websites which goals are to basically only use duplicate content online.

It’s a fact that larger websites with quality content can attract more targeted traffic than a smaller website with little or no content. Google’s main goal is to index information and with content, this is possible. Google favours websites that focuses on providing quality content to their visitors.

How much content (words) are needed?

Website pages with only a couple of words stands a very thin chance of getting any rankings at all and probarbly won’t provide solutions to your website visitors. Make a point of not using less than 300 words per page. There’s no firm number of words that you should use on your pages, but a minimum of 300 will be a steady baseline.

How much content (pages) are needed?

Difficult question, but the easiest will be to look at the websites of your competitors and which keywords they are currently targeting and ranking for. The easiest method to find out how many pages a website has indexed on Google is to use the “site” command eg: site:www.yourwebsite.com. The number of results will the be number of pages that the website has indexed and visible to Google.

There are many ways you can increase the number of indexed pages on your website and you are not only limited to only using boring content. Use a news section, and a blog to add more valuable content to your whole domain. Each time you publish a new blog post you are basically adding a new page to your website. If you are going to add 1 new blog post a week to your website for a year, you will have 52 new pages over the course of the year that you can use in your SEO arsenal.