It’s a fact that if you have more quality pages on your website, you can increase your search engine visibility on the search engine result pages. You should always try to increase the number of pages on your website to support your search engine optimisation strategy. This doesn’t mean any type of pages, but quality original ones that your visitors will find interesting.

Google’s algorithm has changed tremendously over the last few years and websites that are not producing top quality content or that are only using duplicated content, doesn’t actually stand a chance of getting good rankings. If you have a lot of magnetic content you can attract more targeted traffic to your website. As Google and the other search engines indexes more content, don’t see this as a hurdle, but an opportunity to stand above your competitors with great content.

Find below a couple of tips on increasing the number of pages on your website

Website pages

Content length: Never only use a couple of sentences on your website pages and blog posts. Always try to have a minimum of 300+ words. There isn’t an exact number, but are you really going to provide value to your visitors with only a sentence?

Number of pages: This depends on what is happing in your industry. Do some research and check how many pages your competitors have indexed. It’s easy to get a rough idea on this by doing a simple search on Google. The number of results that are shown and displayed will give you an estimation on how many pages they have indexed.

You can increase the number of pages on your website by adding a blog to your site. Each blog post that you published is seen as another page by Google, but make sure that you only publish blog posts that contains valuable information that your visitors will read and share with their own circles.