The days are over where you simply have to build it and they will come. Having a pretty website in today’s digital marketplace isn’t enough anymore. You might have a great looking graphics website that looks really professional with lots of flashy graphics, but the issue is that your target audience will not be able to find you on Google. These kinds of websites relies solely on referral traffic or pay per click campaigns to drive visitors.

Google is still the number 1 source of information if you have a question. The competition to get a number 1 ranking on Google’s organic results for a competitive keyword or phrase is difficult. With Google indexing billions of pages it really takes special effort to come on the first page for competitive phrases.

Search engine optimization website design requires careful planning, research, and industry know how before you start with any website design strategy. Competitor analysis, keyword research, planning the website architecture, wire framing, and all the navigation elements needs to be considered before you start. Quality content that is text based should be written to include your selected keywords to get the best out of your website and to make sure it works as a business tool.

To get the best results with your search engine optimization integration on your website, every page on your site should be built with a specific purpose. Every page should be focused and optimized so that it will be valuable for your visitors and to the search engines so that they can include that page on their index for the given terms.

Search engine optimization design also requires a well planned linking strategy to make sure all of your website pages have a logical flow and so that other relevant websites can link back to you. If you are in a competitive market, you might require multiple linking strategies so that you can reap the rewards of your business website.

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